Goebbels’ Wet Dream or The Exterminator

A visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland prompted this wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities). I never imagined a muskrat would be as plush and soft as this accidentally trapped “survivor.”  Its remarkable elegance is a stark contrast to the grotesque context in which it is presented. The Third Reich diabolically cast Jews as rats, the ubiquitous vermin infiltrating their […]

Call to Faith

This boy got squished in Door County, Wisconsin but wound up canonized in this Catholic shrine. The title is an homage to a favorite montage artist, Barry Kite, of aberrantart.com. His caustic “Test of Faith” hangs above my bed. Open the door and lift the telephone receiver to illuminate the interior. Don’t forget to ring […]

Down the Tubes

Squirrel ~ Exquisite Corpse Surreal Taxidermy

This guy was found, sadly, hanging by a front leg in someone’s barn, but we were able to bring half of him back to life thanks to an antique tube radio from my husband’s vast collection, and a drain from my mother-in-law’s garbage disposal.” — I light up! — I spin!


Exquisite Corpse Surreal Taxidermy Jewelry

​In America, they call it roadkill. In France, they call​ it Bijoux de la Rue. Introducing bone jewelry by Exquisite Corpse. Chipmunk bones, teeth, ribs and vertebrae. None of the chipmunks goes to waste, as proven by the bone and vertebrae jewelry.