Goebbels’ Wet Dream or The Exterminator

A visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland prompted this wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities). I never imagined a muskrat would be as plush and soft as this accidentally trapped “survivor.”  Its remarkable elegance is a stark contrast to the grotesque context in which it is presented. The Third Reich diabolically cast Jews as rats, the ubiquitous vermin infiltrating their […]

Call to Faith

This boy got squished in Door County, Wisconsin but wound up canonized in this Catholic shrine. The title is an homage to a favorite montage artist, Barry Kite, of aberrantart.com. His caustic “Test of Faith” hangs above my bed. Open the door and lift the telephone receiver to illuminate the interior. Don’t forget to ring […]

Nuts and Bolts

This little guy showed up on my doorstep, in a bag of ice, courtesy of a somewhat nauseated but selfless friend who wanted to donate it “to science. Sort of.” Chipmunk with nuts, bolts and gemstones. Had to research twice to be certain the pun wasn’t lost on a chipmunk grasping a bolt.

Are You My Mother?

Are You My Mother? ~ Exquisite Corpse Surreal Taxidermy

1. This guy becomes an homage to the 1960 children’s book I read to my son one-thousand times. 2. Bird’s nest carried by Dan from Idaho hunt trip. Hardware, refuse, egg. 3. Gauge indicates answer to title, “Maybe So.”


Coyote - Exquisite Corpse Surreal Taxidermy

1. Real and synthetic hair wound ‘round wire with Swarovski crystal beading and rusted hardware. 2. This road kill casualty had been in Dan’s Taxidermy freezer for nearly a decade. The “wear and tear” marks on its face are testimony to its unfortunate demise. 3. Silver plate platter was my mother-in-law’s wedding gift from Estelle […]


Deer - Exquisite Corpse Surreal Taxidermy

Faux aged frame. Broken mirror, a metaphor for the many broken dreams of this eight-pointer waiting in the freezer (abandoned by its original owner) to be given a new life. Or it’s just a cool broken mirror.